Procrastination — why, when and overcoming

Ajay Deepak
6 min readNov 28, 2020

Much rated topic at the same time very few of us would know about intricate details of it.

How we begin procrastinating : When you think about doing a task that you have to do, your brain has certain prerecorded information about the task — the details of the task like

  • How long will it take
  • How difficult it is
  • what if I fail to complete or maybe it not worth it.

These details are already recorded in your brain by previous experience of doing the same task or any other task related to it.

Observation: The above points are all related focusing hard enough on the down side or the negative side of doing the task which we want to do. If you can remember a bit and think over it you will observe even while doing the task your feeling towards it and your thoughts were almost the same focusing on the downside which is being intensely recorded in your brain and also you have charged it emotion such as

  • Oh! I didn’t complete it in time
  • I couldn’t do this simple task, I think i’m not good enough to do these things
  • Next time I should find simpler task which does not get me into trouble.
  • No clarity of information.
  • Maybe I should be born with great talent to accomplish these things

These are above permutations and combinations of thoughts combined with strong emotions and feelings that send signals to your body and mind (preparing them to fail when you try next time).

This is the fundamental reason that you don’t want to start the task and keep pushing it, since all the above stated things happen within your complex system so quick and ways that you can’t even imagine you don’t understand the actual reason and you keep ignoring the fact that you have fed your entire system that YOU CANNOT DO THAT TASK, now this is compounding in your system over time and also adds other features to your behavior and character that is — I’m lazy, I’m cannot do those tasks as I’m not good enough, I’m less talented… your getting it… which will eventually have a great impact over your life and the ability to ruin your success or achieve anything in life.

Overcome: Lets understand why is hard to overcome for some of us when we try to do it. Most times we are unconscious of what kind of thought pattern, beliefs or emotions which are deeply connected these traits of procrastination, that's why when some people wanted to overcome this and after sometime fallback to their old patterns of procrastinating.

The answer to come out of this is a strong mindset and willpower, narrowly focused towards to completing your tasks not just one time, every-time consistent enough till you feel you are doing it naturally without forcing yourself.

Now when your doing the above way you are install a new software to change your life that which overrides the old one.

We human beings always have the spirit to overcome any circumstances in our life as you would have come across so many examples in your real time life through media, friends, family, movies.

Whatever your doing in your life if your feel its important (applies for small and big tasks which are part of bigger goals)and you need to get it done then you can follow the below to avoid the above problems of procrastinating

  • When you want to do a task which you feel your not good enough to do always look on the up side of the task e.g what do you get when you complete this task, how do you feel when you are done .
  • Ask yourself why do you want to this task and how badly want to do this
    Think about how gone to the next level by completing this task.

So the key here is

  • Why you want do a task
  • Upside of doing the task

If you can recollect, the things that always feel good about doing it, maybe it would be eating the meal that you like even if its not healthy, playing a video game for long hours without even eating or sleeping, watching netflix overnight though you actually want to sleep soon and get up early next day.

It could even be productive ones such as working for hours to post a youtube video, spending hours to create the eye catching meme to post in social media to get great attention. working at gym regularly without break so you can have a good body — good looks or even to grab others attention.

In all the above if you observe YOU ARE FOCUSING ON THE UPSIDE OF TASK

  • though it is difficult, I can still do it.
  • though you know your are not very good at it, you are trying to do it.
  • you enjoy doing it
  • because your mind and body (entire system) is acting from data of the UPSIDE OF THE TASK, you can test this with quick small tasks.

How to:

  • As mentioned always think about the upside of the task that you want to do.
  • If the task is difficult split it into smaller chunks and work on each small task in focus (you only have to do this once or twice, rest times you already know how to do it. Also this helps in gaining clarity over approaching the task).
  • Set priority for each task
  • Always reward yourself for doing your task, sometimes you might have started the task and planned to completed within 1 hour, but it might have taken 2 or 4 hours don’t start to crib and beat yourself up instead, stay calm and observe why it took 2- 4 hours reasons are it could be you were collecting enough information about the task, you had to work on it 2 -3 times to gain clarity over it, maybe you would have interrupted by an important phone call that you cannot avoid (most times avoid if its not important.) so all these are related to your task(except the phone call) so you really have nothing to feel bad about as it is just a detailed process to complete your task which you were totally unaware of when you started the task.
  • Most important: change your state of doing any task : even when your not doing the high priority task, when your engaged with other simpler tasks always start doing it with UPSIDE of it like What is the greater impact and benefit of doing this task e.g you want to do some task at kitchen when your mom or your wife calls for help at same time you watching your favorite program on TV you obviously want to ignore to help them, ratheruse the opportunity to train yourself to complete that task as a result what happens is your mom or wife is happy one less work for them, you also feel happy that you were able to hep them, you also practiced doing tasks by seeing the UPSIDE of it and finally the greatest thing that you did is you just overridden your system (mind and body)by breaking yourself from your favorite program you gave a higher priority to helping your mom or wife as the benefit of doing that kitchen task is much bigger than none of the benefit that you gain by watching your program.

Rewards: By practicing the above at-least for a 15days, without a moment going back to previous methods, not allowing the old patterns you will almost 70% program your entire system with new way of approaching towards what you want to accomplish. 40 days straight you hae overriden your entire system 100%. Since this will have the same ripple effect going to eventually spread across other areas of your life. Just stick do this process eventually you will see in very short it will have a greater impact over your life. You will be automatically propelled to do things that you have been put away for a long time, taking up even complex tasks.

  • By now you have developed a great discipline of completing your tasks
  • Your focus is improved and is unwavering because you start a task to complete it and your whole system is aligned to get it done.
  • Your an achiever now, from being epic lazy .
  • You can do any task irrespective of whether your good enough, required skills or talent, resources or anything.
  • Congrats you have created a new way of living for yourself.



Thanks all.